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Texas stands on the verge of losing its sovereignty to the despotic central government in Washington DC. The government that exists today was not the one agreed to by the Republic of Texas when it joined the federal union in 1845. Local self-government is unquestionably and critically impaired at this time in history. The status quo must change and we need leaders who are willing to stand up for the rights of Texans against federal tyranny.

The challenges are internal too. Since March of 2020, under the tyranny of Governor Greg Abbott, Texas has endured:

  • Shuttering of businesses, schools, churches, and courts – a blatant disregard of the Texas Bill of Rights
  • Categorization of Texas citizens as essential or non-essential and their right to free travel restricted
  • Mask mandates
  • Corporate mandates of invasive medical procedures as a condition of employment
  • An invasion through our southern border – facilitated by Washington D.C. and a governor who refuses to enact his constitutional authority

The blame for the lockdown of Texas does not fall solely on the shoulders of Greg Abbott. Texans trusted Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick to serve as a check to the power of the Governor. In 2020, Texans desperately needed courageous leaders to stand up for their rights because their voice–the Texas Legislature–was not in session, and yet we witnessed the Lieutenant Governor close ranks with Abbott, Bonnen, and now Phelan, in opposition of the rights of the people.

We must not re-elect men who violate their oath of office and who are unwilling to stand as a voice for the people and a check on the powers of their Governor. With this in mind, we call upon Daniel Miller to take up the mantle of Texas liberty and oust Dan Patrick in the Republican primary for Lieutenant Governor of Texas.

Daniel Miller currently represents over 415 thousand members and supporters of the Texas Nationalist Movement, the largest political organization in the state of Texas (other than the Republican and Democrat parties of Texas). This experience provides Mr. Miller with a vast knowledge of the relationship between the federal government and the state of Texas.

Miller will stand as a bulwark against encroachments on liberty. He will stand against the insider politics of the Texas Legislature. As President of the Senate, he would ensure that business is conducted transparently. As an eloquent and articulate public speaker, Daniel Miller will not be a cheerleading squad for the Governor’s office, but will instead serve as a real check to the power and narrative of the Texas Governor.

During the next term, we can reasonably predict all-out assaults on medical freedom, gun rights, private property, religious liberty, and other inalienable rights. Daniel Miller will wield his vast understanding to ensure that our children grow up in a sovereign and free Texas. Grassroots conservatives must lock arms and defeat the establishment in 2022. We need real leaders who will stand for our liberties. Failure is not an option. We thus call on Daniel Miller to announce his bid for Lieutenant Governor of the State of Texas.

Daniel, stand for us. Stand for our rights. Stand for Texas.

In Liberty,

Andy Hopper
Wise County Conservatives PAC Board

Brian Roberts
Co-Founder Grayson County

Amanda Hopper
Wise County Conservatives PAC Board

Joy Roberts
Co-Founder Grayson County

Diana Mosley
Wise County Conservatives PAC Board

Bert Dowlen
Co-founder Grayson County Conservatives

Jordan Wilhite
Co-founder Grayson County Conservatives

Shelby Cranfill
Cooke County Conservatives

Rickey L. Franklin
Vice President, Lamar County Conservatives

Mary Ann Franklin
Secretary, Lamar County Conservatives

Stephen Kallas
According to Kallas Podcast

Jordan Hulcy
President of Constitutional Texans

Donnie Neil
Campaign Strategist

Rebecca Meals
Co-founder Grayson County Conservatives

Christin Bentley
President of Texas Freedom Coalition

Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani
Pres/CEO of Raging Elephants Radio

Robert Black
President, Lamar County Conservatives

Brent Smith
Kinney County DA

Rocky Pack
Wise County Conservatives PAC Board

Cathy Wells
Wise County Conservatives PAC Board

Lori Granados
Precinct Chair 358, Travis County, Central Texas Republican Assembly President

Peggy Denson
Corpus Christi Republican

Jeff Sadighi
Southeast Texas Tea Party

Matt Frazier
Frazier Fundraising

Dr Jack Reynolds
Professor of Economics, Tarrant County College

Kirk Osborne
Business Owner

Dexter Turner
Treasurer, Andy Hopper for Texas SD30

Chris Breaux
SD4 Member of the State Republican Executive Committee

Tom Glass

James Varnadore
Wise County Conservatives PAC Board

Frank Wells
Wise County Conservatives PAC Board

Calvin Tillman
Cooke County Conservatives

Brent Lawson
2018 Candidate, HD62, Co-founder Grayson County Conservatives

Sandra Lawson
Co-founder Grayson County Conservatives

Lynette McCracken
Parker County Conservatives PAC Board

Larry Bartoli
Parker County Precinct Chair

Lynn Monaco
Parker County Precinct Chair

Mike Olcott
Parker County Conservatives PAC Board


If Daniel decides to run, would you be willing to help in any of the following ways?

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